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1880 Map of Mauritius
Belle vue zoological gardens plan 1892
Statistical profile of the Black River Canal and Erie Canal feeder - H.E. Seymour, state engineer and surveyor; E.A. Olmsted, divisions engineer; D. Vaughan, draftsman. NYPL434766
Esperance (Township) NYPL1602932
Mauritius 1880 map by Descubes
Fleet's Hall Oyster Bay 1897
Sterlingville (Village); Black River (Village); Pamelia Four Cors. (Village); Pamelia Four Corners Business Directory.; Sterlingville Business Directory. ;Sanford's Cors. ( P.O.) (Village); NYPL1584288
1873 Beers Map of Oyster Bay, Queens, New York City - Geographicus - OysterBayS-beers-1873
Glen Cove, Town of Oyster Bay, Queens Co. NYPL1527323
Hicksville, Town of Oyster Bay. - The Cove, Town of Oyster Bay. - Syosset, Town of Oyster Bay, Queens Co. L.I. NYPL1527319
Map of Mauritius (1888)
The street railway review (1891) (14572087070)
Lattingtown, Locust Valley and Matinecock, Town of Oyster Bay, Queen's Co. - Bayville, Tn. of Oyster Bay, Queens Co. NYPL1527322
Oyster Bay, Queens Co. - Lattingtown, Town of Oyster Bay. - East Norwich, Town of Oyster Bay. - Oyster Bay Harbor, Town of Oyster Bay. NYPL1527318
Oyster Bay, Town of Oyster Bay. NYPL1527317
1929 Briquet Map of Geneva and Lake Geneva, Switzerland - Geographicus - Geneva-briquet-1929
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