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Map of Foreign Settlements in Kansas (1894)
1866 Map of Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado
Kansas & Nebraska, 1857
Map of the Oregon Trail in Eastern Kansas from an 1842 expedition
Nebraska (at its territorial peak), Kansas & Indian Territory 1854
An 1896 map showing the regional divide on the debate between support for the gold standard and the populist Free Silver Movement. Produced by Topeka printer C. B. Hamilton.
1855 Colton Map of Kansas and Nebraska (first edition) - Geographicus - NebraskaKansas-colton-1855
New Rail Road & township map of Missouri and Kansas (1869)
Map of routes to the Gold Region of Western Kansas (actually Colorado) 1859
Kansas city mo 1869
Topeka 1869
Johnson's Missouri and Kansas 1864
Old map-Wichita Falls-1890
1864 Johnson Map of Idaho, Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado - Geographicus - NEDKCOIAKA-johnson-1864
Kansas-Nebraska Act
1863 Johnson's Map of Colorado, Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska ^ Kansas - Geographicus - COCANE-j-64
1860 Mitchell Map of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska and Kansas - Geographicus - ILMIIANEKA-mitchell-1860
Map of Eastern Kansas (5121144270)
1866 Johnson's Map of Missouri and Kansas - Geographicus - MIKA-j-64
1866 Mitchell Map of Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas - Geographicus - KansasNebraskaColorado-mitchell-1866
1864 Mitchell Map of Colorado, Kansas ^ Nebraska - Geographicus - COKANE-mitchell-1864
Map of Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. Showing also the eastern portion of Idaho. NYPL1510820
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