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Cartoon Map "The Gerry-Mander", appearing in the Boston Gazette, 26 March 1812
Daedongyeojido. 1861, Kim jeong-ho.
Maps of Graf Szechenyi's Reiseroute von Sayang Bis Bamo from 1881.
1815 Map of Australia, New Guinea and the eastern islands of Indonesia - Carte de la Nouvelle Hollande.
The Gerry-Mander Edit
Temperature map of Europe during the ''Year Without a Summer''. The anomaly was a volcanic winter event caused by the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies.
Temperature differences between the average for 1971-2000 and the Summer of 1816 (the Year Without a Summer) following the 1815 eruption of the Tambora volcano
US Civil War - Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi began on this day in 1863.
Map of Egypt, Sudan, Red Sea, Assab, Massaua, Abyssinia, etc. (1887)
A Bird's eye view of the Sudan, Central and East Africa, featuring the portraits of General Charles Gordon and Colonel Herbert Stewart. English lithograph map, 1884.
Map of the Lanfang Republic (1777–1884), a Chinese state in the island of Borneo, Indonesia
Indonesia (1886)
Italian Map of the Mahdist territories in the Sudan, 1894
Aceh, Indonesia, 1870's. Funny how it says "we don't know what's in the middle, but it's MOUNTAINS."
Kim Jeong-ho "Daedongyeojido" (1861) Ulleungdo
Topographical map of Belle Isle Park showing contours surveyed by Eugene Robinson (24 January 1883)
The Gerry-Mander
Le Sénégal et le Soudan français (1898) -- Senegal and French Sudan, 1898
One of the first maps of the "Gerry-Mander" (1813)
1894 Bagrot Hunza Nagyr and Hispar Glacier by Conway
Route of the Shangani Patrol
Map of Salem Village
Nepal mandala map
Belle vue zoological gardens plan 1892
New Guinea and New Caledonia 1884 (Papua New Guinea)
Map of Labuan (1888)
1818 Pinkerton Map of Northeastern South America (Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam) - Geographicus - Caracas-pinkerton-1818
Provincia Caracas
Appletons' annual cyclopædia and register of important events of the year (1876) (14756619776)
Annual report (1920) (14798922073)
India impressions, with some notes of Ceylon during a winter tour, 1906-7 (microform) (1907) (14779427031)
Salem Depot, N.H. (2675019749)
Picturesque America; or, The land we live in. A delineation by pen and pencil of the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, water-falls, shores, cañons, valleys, cities, and other picturesque features of (14761479354)
Segunda Campaña del Sur 1
Segunda Campaña del Sur 2
Akershus amt nr 54- Kart over Baron Skovene; Nedre Romerike; Næs Sogn, 1881
1900 U.S. Geological Survey of Boston Bay, Massachusetts - Geographicus - BostonBay-USGS-1900
G. Bruno - Le Tour de la France par deux enfants p237
Map of the city of Salem, Mass. (7557390952)
Map bounded by Corlears St, Mangin St, Stanton St, Pier - Line 55-62, Cherry St; Including Tompkins St, East St, Grand St, Broome St, Delancy Slip, Rivington St) NYPL1648034
1806 Salem Massachusetts map byBowditch BPL 10920
Map of the Malay Peninsula from A Dissertation on the Soil & Agriculture of the British Settlement of Penang (1836) by James Low
Map bounded by Mangin St, Lewis St, Ninth St, Pier - Line 66-68, Houston St; Including Tompkins St, Ferry to Williamsburgh, Third St, Fourth St, Fifth St, Sixth St, Seventh St, Eighth St) NYPL1648035
New Scotland. (Township); New Salem (Village); Clarksville Business Directory; New Salem Business Directory; Clarksville (Village) NYPL1582620
Chart of the harbours of Salem, Marblehead, Beverly and Manchester (2674399553)
1837 Malte-Brun Map of Ancient Egypt, Nubia ( Sudan ) and Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ) - Geographicus - EgyptAncient-mb-1837
Map of Virginia and West Va., North and part of South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware, showing the situation in these states of schools taught by graduates of the Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute from 1871 to 1876 (5960820231)
Bronx, Topographical Map Sheet 03; (Map bounded by Bates St., Riverdale Ave., Moshold Ave., Broadway, Vancortlandt Ave., Bailey Ave., Ft. Independence St; Including Albany Road, Church Kingsbridge NYPL1712705
Tunis map plan 1881
Map bounded by Jackson Street, Lewis Street, Stanton Street, Pier - Line 56-62, Corlears Hook, South Street; Including Corlears Street, Goerck Street, Mangin Street, Tompkins Street, East NYPL1648007
Kart over det nordlige Norge efter de bedste forhaandenværende Kilder, fornemmelig de ved Norges topografiske og hydrografiske Opmaaling anstillede astronomiske og geodætiske Iagttagelser - no-nb krt 00832
A map of Caracas. NYPL1404015
A. C. Osborn.; Res. of A. C. Osborn, Holland, N.Y.; Planing Mill and Residence of Horace Selleck, Holland, N.Y. Manufacturer of Flooring, Siding, Moulding, Fork, Hoe and Brown Handles and etc. Dealer NYPL1584591
Das Königreich Polen Platt 1848
Situationskart over en Deel af Berg; Scheberg og Borge Sogner med tilhørende Annexer; nv, 1804
Situationskart over en Deel af Berg; Scheberg og Borge Sogner med tilhørende Annexer; nø, 1804
Situationskart over en Deel af Berg; Scheberg og Borge Sogner med tilhørende Annexer; sv, 1804
Situationskart over en Deel af Berg; Scheberg og Borge Sogner med tilhørende Annexer; sø, 1804
Map of North Borneo, HongKong and Labuan (1888)
1818 Pinkerton Map of Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ), Sudan ^ Nubia - Geographicus - Abysinnia-pinkerton-1818
Property of F.A. Halstead, Bedford Station, N.Y. - The Halstead Homestead at Bedford, N.Y.- Inland Vale, Residence of J.S. Libby, Westchester Co. N.Y. North Salem. NYPL1516853
1862 Stieler Map of Poland and Hungary - Geographicus - Polen-perthes-1862
1818 Pinkerton Map of Nubia, Sudan and Abyssinia - Geographicus - Abyssinia-pinkerton-1818
Bangor (Village); Bagor Business Notices.; Town of Bugar Business Directory; Bellmont Business Notices.; North Bangor (Village); Bellmont (Township) NYPL1584451
LELEWEL(1846) Polen im Jahr 992
Mappa isola d'Elba (1870)
Genova - cinta muraria medioevale
Double Page Plate No. 6; (Map bounded by Atlantic St., Columbia St., Pacific St., Amity St., Congress St; Including Waren St., Baltic St., Harrison St., Van Brunt St.) NYPL1695426
1932 Walter M. Gaffney Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Geographicus - CapeCod-gaffney-1932
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