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Religions in Austria-Hungary, from the 1881 edition of Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas
Literacy in Austria-Hungary 1880-1881
Austria-Hungary ethnic map, circa 1900
1891 Rand McNally Map of Austria-Hungary
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1880)
1880 ethnic groups of the Hungarian Kingdom
Galicia and Bukovina (provinces of Austria-Hungary), 1900
Population of Hungary from the 1880 census (printed 1882)
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1890)
Six ways to divide the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1900 according to Imperial propaganda
Hungarians in Hungary (1890) - other significant ethnic groups are labeled
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
Hungarian percentage in Hungary, 1890 .
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary in 1855
Military map of troop locations and 16 military districts of Austro-Hungarian Empire 1898
Religious/ethnic map of Constantinople/Istanbul in the late 19th century (Map in Hungarian)
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary and Romania, 1892
The Kingdom of Hungary in 1891
Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires Map (1815-1859)
Distribution of first language German speaking population in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia-Slavonia by county, 1900
Austria-Hungary in the early 1900's
Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1871-1918)
Height Map of Austria Hungary (1898)
Huge, detailed map of Austria-Hungary (1841)
Literacy in the Hungarian territories of Austria-Hungary (1890)
Religious denominations in Austria-Hungary in 1881
Map of Austro-Hungarian Empire 1815 with major cities marked
Military recruitment districts of Austro Hungarian empire, 1894
Ethnic and religious composition of province Bosnia & Herzegovina from 1895, made by Austro-Hungarian government
Ethnic composition of Slovakia according to the census of Kingdom of Hungary in 1880
Map of Buda and Pest (1833), two cities on the Danube river, today united into Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
Geographic center-point of Europe (at least according to Austria-Hungary in 1887), now in Kruhlyi, Ukraine
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
Military map of Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1899 showing location of troops through empire and neighboring border areas (Germany, Russia, Italy)
Europe ethnic map 1897 (hungarian)
Largest Protestant denomination in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia-Slavonia by county, 1900
1853 "Hungary and Transylvania", Lowrey
Religious map of Austria-Hungary 1881
Map of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848
Old French graphical map of Austria-Hungary from 1893 with nations population statistics
German Empire & Austro-Hungarian Empire: 1819-1918 (by Euratlas)
Romanians in Hungary (1890 census, drawn in 1897)
Austria-Hungary (ethnic)
Ethnic map of Austria Hungary, and neighbors. Circa 1900. First of these types of maps.
A series of ethnic and religious maps of Hungary from around 1880 .
Hungary, Galicia and Transylvania
1850 Mitchell Map of Austria, Hungary and Transylvania - Geographicus - Austria-mitchell-1850
Austrian Dominions-Galicia,Eastern- Hungary, Transylvania
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary at the 1880 Census
Revolutions in Hungary and North Italy 1848
1897 Magyarország - Budapest
Johnson, A.J. Europe. 1864.F.Austria Hungary
The first earthquake map of the world (1810 Mór earthquke, Hungary)
1863 Johnson Map of Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Italy and Greece - Geographicus - AustriaTurkey-johnson-1862
Jászkun Redemptio. Open-air exhibition. Map of Jász-Kún district, 1854. - Jászberény, Hungary
Budapest map 1884
1855 Colton Map of Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic - Geographicus - Austria-colton-1855
Hungary 1817
BRACE(1852) p024 Map of Inner Hungary
Hungary and its people- Magyarorzág és népei (1893) (14784648542)
1862 Stieler Map of Poland and Hungary - Geographicus - Polen-perthes-1862
Austria-Hungary (ethnic)
1898 Population diversity map of Austria Hungary
Turkey, in Europe and Hungary, from the best authorities. NYPL1404027
Lands of The Hungarian Crown (Hungary, Transylvania, Slavonia), 1875
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