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Maximilian van Sonnenstern's map of the Republic of Guatemala, 1859
Guatemala - 1859
1881 San Marcos, Texas. Home of Texas State University founded just 18 years later in 1899.
1857 U.S.C.S. Map of San Diego Bay, California - Geographicus - SanDiegoBay-uscs-1857
Map of San juan bautista (1884)
1857 U.S. Coast Survey Map of the Eastern Entrance to Santa Barbara Channel - Geographicus - SantaBarbaraChanne-uscs-1857
1853 U.S.C.S. Coast Chart or Map of San Luis Pass, Texas - Geographicus - SanLuisPass-uscs-1853
Old Map of San Mateo 1896
Annali del Museo civico di storia naturale di Genova (1879) (18412482751)
Livingston County
Plano del Puerto de la Concepcion de Chile, citu(a)da la Poblacion de Talcaguano en la latitud S. de 36⁰,42,28" y en longitud al O de cadiz de 67⁰,2,53" (4232064876)
Plano de Madrid de 1866, de José Pilar Morales
1884 ethnographic map of Guatemala from Zur Ethnographie der Republik Guatemala
1856 U.S. Coast Survey Map of San Francisco Bay and City
Niagara, Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, Allegany, Monroe, and Livingston Counties NYPL1575788
1853 U.S.C.S. Map of San Diego Bay ^ Los Coronados - Geographicus - SanDiego-uscs-1853
Vol. 5. Plate, E. (Map bound by Pierrepont St., Fulton St., Court St., Atlantic Ave., East River; Including Montague St., Remsen St., Grace Court, Joralemon St., Livingston St., Schermerhorn NYPL1627525
San Felipe Pissis
Karte von Guatemala Platt 1848
The street railway review (1891) (14572087070)
Annali del Museo civico di storia naturale di Genova (1895) (18411100885)
1825 Victoria Map of San Diego, California and San Blas, Mexico - Geographicus - SanDiego-victoria-1825
Genova - cinta muraria medioevale
Map of the Battle of San Jacinto, in which Texian and Tejano soldiers won independence for Texas. (1836)
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