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1855 Ethnographic Map of the Austrian Empire
Austrian Empire 1815-1848
Religions in Austria-Hungary, from the 1881 edition of Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas
Literacy in Austria-Hungary 1880-1881
Austria-Hungary ethnic map, circa 1900
1891 Rand McNally Map of Austria-Hungary
1850 map of the Austrian Empire / Prepared by S. A. Mitchell for his New Universal Atlas
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1880)
Ethnographic map of the Austrian Empire (1845)
re-print of a british map from 1840 - crosspost from /r/Austria
Galicia and Bukovina (provinces of Austria-Hungary), 1900
Austrian Littoral in 1896
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1890)
1841 map of Austria and border countries
Ethnographic map of the Austrian Empire, 1855
Ethnic map of the Austrian Empire in 1850
Map of the 1842 solar eclipse over the Austrian Empire
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary in 1855
Map of Europe in 1815, after the Congress of Vienna, in which ambassadors from European states attempted to provide a long-term peace plan for the European continent following the Napoleonic Wars through a restoration of the balance of power; this involved a redrawing of boundaries.
Ethnographic map of Austrian Empire - 1855
The Austrian Dominions since 1815
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary and Romania, 1892
The Grand Duchy of Baden, a German state created from several older territories in 1806 by Napoleon. Today part of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.
Changing borders of Austria (and flag) in 1500, 1815, 1913 and 2014
Vienna, 1858
Ethnical composition of Austrian Empire 1855 superimposed over modern borders
Austria-Hungary in the early 1900's
Austrian Dominions, English map from 1816
Official ethnographic map of Austrian Empire from 1856 by imperial office for administration and statistics
Austrian Littoral (1897)
Prussia and Austria 1815-1866
Map showing European Great Powers 1815 after Congress of Vienna and defeat of Napoleon
Height Map of Austria Hungary (1898)
Map showing alliances during Austro-Prussian (German) war 1866 (states of German Confederation that supported Prussia or Austria). War decided question of leadership of German unification in Prussian favor.
Huge, detailed map of Austria-Hungary (1841)
Central Europe, Prussia and Austria and their acquisitions 1815-66
Religious denominations in Austria-Hungary in 1881
German Question (Dualism-rivalry between Austria and Prussia who gonna unify Germany) 1815-1866
Geographic center-point of Europe (at least according to Austria-Hungary in 1887), now in Kruhlyi, Ukraine
Perspective view of European and Asiatic Turkey, Russia, Austria and Persia (1877)
Balkans, Ottoman and Austrian Empire 1815-1859
Europe after Congress of Vienna 1815
Germany the Empire of Austria and the Kingdoms of Prussia and Poland (1864) - by James Wyld
English pocket map of Croatia, Sclavonia and Dalmatia (Austrian Dominions) from 1852
Map of Austrian Monarchy from 1854 showing internal political subdivisions and crownlands
Europe, 1815 after the Congress of Vienna
Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (Austrian partition of Poland) 1897
Map of Battle of Königgrätz 1866, one of largest battles in European history before ww1 and decisive Prussian victory over Austria that finally settled question who gonna unify Germany in Prussian favour
The Danubian monarchy (Austrian Empire) 1848/49, revolutions and reaction during Spring of Nations
Confederation of the Rhine, 1808
Religious map of Austria-Hungary 1881
Ethnic groups inside Austrian Empire 1830
Wagenfuhrer 1900 Vienna Adriatic Sea canal
Political satirical map of Austrian Empire during revolutions 1848-49
Austrian Dominions since 1815
Old French graphical map of Austria-Hungary from 1893 with nations population statistics
Early metro-style map: Post distribution in the Austrian Empire, 1826.
Spread of Revolutions 1848 (Spring of Nations) from Paris toward Vienna and rest of Europe
Austria-Hungary (ethnic)
Map showing territorial acquisition in Europe by victorious powers after fall of Napoleon and Congress of Vienna 1815
Map of Battle of Wagram 1809 between French and Austrian Empires. Largest battle in European history until that point and Napoleon victory that ended War of Fifth Coalition.
Ethnic map of Austria Hungary, and neighbors. Circa 1900. First of these types of maps.
Political map of Europe 1848, published in Vienna during 1848 Revolutions
Czech made political/satirical map of Austrian Empire 1848/49 during revolutions (Spring of Nations).
(1874) The Valleys of TIROL
1850 Mitchell Map of Austria, Hungary and Transylvania - Geographicus - Austria-mitchell-1850
Austrian Dominions-Galicia,Eastern- Hungary, Transylvania
1818 Pinkerton Map of the Austrian Empire - Geographicus - Austria-pinkerton-1818
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary at the 1880 Census
Austria - 1815
Ethnic map of Austrian empire, mid 19th century
Jonhson's atlas of Austria, Turkey in Europe and Greece 1866
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14760857006)
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14781499694)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Fotothek df rp-e 0040021 Markersdorf-Friedersdorf. Oberreit, Sect. Stolpen, 1821-22
Crossing of the Rhine map
Fotothek df rp-c 0680023 Löbau-Ebersdorf. Oberreit, Sect. Zittau, 1844-46
Fotothek df rp-q 0420001 Markersdorf-Friedersdorf. Oberreit, Sect. Stolpen, 1821-22
Krumau 1823
Fotothek df rp-v 0960005 Belgershain-Rohrbach. Oberreit, Sect. Leipzig, 1836-39
Fotothek df rp-d 0210067 Bogatynia-Krzewina (Grunau). Grunau, aus- Meßtischblatt, Sekt. Ostritz, 1884
Ethnographic map of the Austrian Empire 1855 Czoernig - Istra
Karte des Kronlandes Steiermark 1855
Johnson, A.J. Europe. 1864.F.Austria Hungary
Plan Neustift Inzersdorf 1872
Fotothek df rp-c 0900004 Oschatz-Thalheim. Oberreit, Sect. Oschatz, 1839-40
1863 Johnson Map of Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Italy and Greece - Geographicus - AustriaTurkey-johnson-1862
Fotothek df rp-c 0720060 Dresden-Gompitz-Steinbach. Oberreit, Sect. Dresden, 1821-22
Fotothek df rp-c 0730001 Wilsdruff-Limbach. Oberreit, Sect. Dresden, 1821-22
Karte von Steyermark und Karnten 1813
Herzogthum Karnten und Krain 1852 II
Herzogthum Karnten und Krain 1852
Fotothek df rp-c 0690068 Großschönau-Waltersdorf. Oberreit, Sect. Zittau, 1844-46
PSM V51 D041 Stature distribution of the austrian tyrol
Stein, Christ. Gottfr. Dan.West-Asien. 1865 A
Stein, Christ. Gottfr. Dan.West-Asien. 1865 B
Stein, Christ. Gottfr. Dan.West-Asien. 1865 C
Fotothek df rp-c 0810005 Ottendorf-Okrilla-Cunnersdorf. Oberreit, Sect. Großenhain, 1841-43
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