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Opening of the Suez Canal, Egypt (1859)
Expansion of French control of Algeria, 1830-1956
Geographical Egypt in 1818 by Jacotin Pierre
An Ottoman map of the Ottoman Empire (including Morocco) Early 19th Century
Alexandria, Egypt (Cram, 1900)
Franco-Spanish conquest of Morocco (1893–1932)
Map of Egypt, Sudan, Red Sea, Assab, Massaua, Abyssinia, etc. (1887)
A Bird's eye view of the Sudan, Central and East Africa, featuring the portraits of General Charles Gordon and Colonel Herbert Stewart. English lithograph map, 1884.
Finley map of Egypt (1827)
Suez Area, Egypt, 1850
Italian Map of the Mahdist territories in the Sudan, 1894
1877 map of the departments of French Algeria .
Nautical chart of the Port of Alexandria, Egypt (1867)
Roman roads in Morocco, according to W. B. Harris (1897)
Morocco 1844
Arabia, Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia (1843)
French Algeria circa 1868
Panorama of lower Egypt, Arabia Petra, Edom and Palestine (1895)
Le Sénégal et le Soudan français (1898) -- Senegal and French Sudan, 1898
Cedid Atlas (Egypt) 1803
1843 Malte Brun Map of the Biblical Lands of the Hebrews (Egypt, Arabia, Israel, Turkey) - Geographicus - Hebreux-maltebrun-1837
(1821) MAP OF LOWER EGYPT (Ancient and Modern)
1857 Dufour Map of Algeria - Geographicus - Algerie-dufour-1857
1857 Dufour Map of Constantine, Algeria - Geographicus - Constantine-dufour-1847
Heinrich Kiepert. Asia citerior.Aegyptus.Mare.Aegyptium.Libya
1829 Lapie Historical Map of Empire of Carthage ( Modern Tunisia ) - Geographicus - AfriqueiPropre-lapie-1829
1829 Lapie Map of the Eastern Mediterranean, Morocco, and the Barbary Coast - Geographicus - Barbarie-lapie-1829
The Nile - notes for travellers in Egypt (1895) (14782811825)
1827 Finley Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-finley-1827
1837 Malte-Brun Map of Ancient Egypt, Nubia ( Sudan ) and Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ) - Geographicus - EgyptAncient-mb-1837
1856 Kiepert Map of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt - Geographicus - Sinai-kiepert-1856
ACSIE003 - Map of Egypt, Abyssinia, and the Soudan
Ancient Egypt (Myers, 1890)
1858 Dispatch Atlas Map of Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia and the Red Sea - Geographicus - EgyptNubia-dispatch-1858
Egypt and the basin of the Nile (2674836051)
MACCOUN(1899) p047 ABOUT 1440 B.C. - LOWER EGYPT
1811 Cary Map of Arabia, Egypt ^ Abyssinia - Geographicus - Arabia-cary-1811
1865 Spruner Map of Arabia and Egypt in Antiquity - Geographicus - Arabia-spruner-1865
1852 Levasseur Map of Algeria - Geographicus - Algeria-levasseur-1852
1867 Depot de la Marine Nautical Chart or Map of Alexandria, Egypt - Geographicus - Alexandria-depot-1867
1818 Pinkerton Map of Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ), Sudan ^ Nubia - Geographicus - Abysinnia-pinkerton-1818
Suez Bay, Egypt (Justus Perthes' Geographische Anstalt, 1856)
1818 Pinkerton Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-pinkerton-1818
1818 Pinkerton Map of Nubia, Sudan and Abyssinia - Geographicus - Abyssinia-pinkerton-1818
1855 Spruneri Map of Arabia, Egypt and Ethiopia or Abyssinia - Geographicus - Arabia-spruneri-1855
Carta dell' Egitto, Sudan, Mar Rosso, Assab, Massaua, Abissinia ecc
1805 Cary Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-cary-1805
The cave dwellers of southern Tunisia; recollections of a sojourn with the khalifa of Matmata; (1898) (14775143634)
"Africa propiamente dicha. Numidia y Mauritania". (4114989654)
Zoology of Egypt (1898) (14784878895)
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