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Nazareth Bank-1794 Samuel Dunn Wall Map of the World in Hemispheres - Geographicus - World2-dunn-1794
1729 Schryver Map of Israel showing 12 Tribes - Geographicus - Israel-schryver-1729
1730 Street Map or Plan of Jerusalem - Geographicus - Jerusalem-uk-1730
1771 Bonne Map of the New Testament Lands, w- Holy Land and Jerusalem - Geographicus - NewTestament-bonne-1771
A description of Old Jerusalem .jpg - according to Villalpandus
A new plan of the Old Jerusalem according to the author
1794 Anville Map of Israel, Palestine or the Holy Land in Ancient Times - Geographicus - IsraelPalestine-anville-1794
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville. La Palestine. 1767.Jerusalem
Die Neue biltnus der H. Statt Jerusalem
1750 Homann Heirs Map of Israel - Palestine - Holy Land (12 Tribes) - Geographicus - Palestina-homannheirs-1750
Canaan, Palestine or The Holy Land etc Divided into the twelve Tribes of Israel. NYPL1505142
Timothe Gabashvili. Jerusalem (end of the 18th century)
Palestine, Tribes, and Jerusalem WDL136
1770 Bonne Map of Israel showing the Twelve Tribes - Geographicus - Israel-bonne-1770
1702 Visscher Stoopendaal Map of Israel, Palestine or the Holy Land - Geographicus - PerigrinatiaeVeertich-stoopendaal-1702
1720 Funck Map of Israel - Palestine - Holy Land - Geographicus - TerraeSanctae-funck-1720
Tobias Lotter. Charta geographica Terrae Santae Divisa in duodecim Tribus Israelis.1762
1763 De L'Isle Map of the Holy Land (Israel, Palestine) - Geographicus - TerraeSanctae-delisle-1763
Jerusalem. Herman Moll. The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa. 1752 (cropped)
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