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West Florida Map 1767
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Coral loss over the centuries : a comparison of Key West, Florida in the 1770's to Key West, Florida today
1747 Bowen Map of the Southeastern United States (Carolina, Georgia, Florida) - Geographicus - CarolinaGeorgia-bowen-1747
1798 Cassini Map of Florida, Louisiana, Cuba, and Central America - Geographicus - MessicoFlorida-cassini-1798
Lake Valdez (Now Lake Monroe) Florida 1826
1763 Gibson Map of East and West Florida - Geographicus - Florida-GM-1763
Plan of the coast Florida & Louisiana 1778
1771 Bonne Map of Mexico (Texas), Louisiana and Florida - Geographicus - Mexico-bonne-1771
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Louisiana, Florida and Carolina - Geographicus - Louisiane-bonne-1780
1747 Ruyter Map of Florida, Mexico and the West Indies - Geographicus - PortoBello-ratelband-1747
1737 Homann Heirs - D'Anville Map of Florida and the West Indies - Geographicus - IndiaeOccidentalis-homann-1734
Turquie d'Asie. 1791 (G)
Jacques N. Bellin. The map of Armenia, Georgia and the neighbouring countries. 1764
Chart of the south end of east Florida, and Martiers (2675543650)
Map of the province of West Florida (4578749095)
A new and accurate chart (from Captain Hollands surveys) of the North American coast, for the navigation between Cape Cod in New England, and the Havanna in the Gulf of Florida (8357089647)
The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, 1754 A map of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands (19552327418)
New map of the states of Georgia South and North Carolina Virginia and Maryland - including the Spanish provinces of West and East Florida from the latest surveys - Cornelius Tieboout, sculp. NYPL434467
Chart of the coast of America thro the Gulph of Florida (8767918251)
Samuel Dunn. Turkey in Asia, with Armenia, Syria, Georgia, etc. 1794
Chart of the coast of America through the Gulph of Florida to the entrance of the Gulph of Mexico (8772723800)
An exact map of North and South Carolina & Georgia - with east and west Florida from the latest discoveries - J. Lodge, sculp. NYPL434055
Il paese de' Selvaggi Outauacesi, e kilistinesi intorno al Lago Superiore; Supplemento alla Florida Orientale. NYPL1630391
The coast of West Florida and Louisiana (4579382924)
Parte Orientale della Florida, della Georgia, e Carolina Meridionale. NYPL1630399
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