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Map of Virginia, discovered and as described by Captain John Smith, 1606
John Smith's 1612 map of Virginia, which colonists used for nearly a century
On this date in 1607, Jamestown was founded. Here's a map of Virginia 1602-1622
New England New York New Iarsey Pensilvania Maryland and Virginia (1685)
New to MapPorn, been researching Native American tribes, Virginia and Maryland by Augustin Herrman 1673
Map of New Netherland including a part of Nova Francia and Virginia, A.C. Block, 1614
Map of Virginia 1612
1630 Hondius Map of Virginia and the Chesapeake - Geographicus - NovaVirginiaeTabula-hondius-1630
Houghton STC 22790 - Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles, N. E. map
Virginia and the New Province of Florida (1633)
Map of Virginia by John Smith (1637)
Nova Anglia Novum Belgium et Virginia (8431021382)
Illustrated standard guide to Norfolk and Portsmouth and historical events of Virginia 1607 to 1907 (1907) (14761304516)
Pas caert van Nieu Nederland, Virginia en Nieu Engelant (8430902716)
A new map of Virginia and Maryland - by Robt. Morden. NYPL465069
A new map of Virginia and Maryland - by Robt. Morden. NYPL976273
Virginia et Nova Francia. NYPL434129
Part of North America - comprehending the course of the Ohio, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia ... NYPL481131
Virginia, Maryland, Pennsilvania, east and west New Jarsey. NYPL484186
A mapp of Virginia discouered to ye hills, and in its latt from 35 deg & 1 2 neer Florida, to 41 deg bounds of new England (5121165106)
The colonies in 1660, Virginia, Maryland, and the Dutch and Swedish settlements on the Delaware showing extent and dates of settlement (8347571652)
Virginia. NYPL430368
A chart of the sea coasts of New England, New Iarsey, Virginia, Maryland and Carolina, from C. Cod to C. Hattaras - by Iohn Seller. NYPL433740
1661 Dutch Map of Caribbean and West Indies showing New Netherland, Virginia, Honduras and Cuba
The generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer isles- with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their first beginning ano- 1584. to this present 1626. NYPL433895
A map of Virginia and Maryland (5121163162)
Virginia - Ralph Hall, sculpsit, 1636. NYPL434449
Virginia - Ralph Hall, sculpsit, 1636. NYPL483722
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