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1622 pictorial map of Yorkshire, England - by Michael Drayton
17th century map of Northamptonshire by John Speed
1677 map of New England
1624 Map of Bermuda, with illustrations of fortifications and important sites, including St. George's, Bermuda (the town)
Hampshire, England, 1607
Restored 17th century "Chimney" Map - on display in Edinburgh
How to get from London to Weymouth with a novel strip map in 1675 by Scottish cartographer John Ogilby.
400 year old map of Somerset - Circa 1648
1646 Map of Somerset
1637 map of Scotland
The Kingdom of Fife - The Atlas of Scotland 1654
Orkney and Shetland (1654)
John Speed's 1611 map of Hampshire
Old Map of Cornwall c.1610
John Speed's map of Anglesey, Wales (1607)
1686 miniature map of England, which first appeared in Mallet's Description de L'Univers
1631 map of England, Scotland and Ireland by Dutch catrographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu. Full title: Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Tabula.
Countries that have been ar war with France / UK / Germany (1700-now)
The imaginary island of Frisland on Mercator's Arctic Map 1623. Frisland appeared in most maps of the north Atlantic from the mid 15th century to the mid 16th century
17th century London
Languages of the British Isles in 1700
Site of the First Thanksgiving, 1621 in Plymouth, MA. Outline shows settlement fortifications. - Made using two layers on Mapjunction. - Try it yourself - Link in Comments
Comparing the outline of Scotland on maps from 1654-1741 by Heikki Vesanto
John Evelyn's unused new street plan for the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666
Rare early English map of Jamaica, published in London by John Seller (1672)
Lancashire 1610 Speed Hondius - Restoration
A Google Map of New England in 1677
Map of Southern Scotland by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1690)
Scottish Highlands, made in 1690 by Venetian Vincenzo Coronelli
1677 map of New England and its towns
Map of American Northeast (Mid-Atlantic to New England) - 1685
Leeds from A.D. 1626 - the year of the Royal Charter granted by King Charles the First
John Speed's map of Cardiff 1610
The County Pallatine of Lancaster Described and Divided into Hundreds, 1610
Map Of New England by Willem Janszoon Blaeu, Amsterdam, Circa 1638
Urbano Monti (1544–1613) (alternate spelling: Urbano Monte) was an Italian cartographer. He was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His most famous work is the Planisphere.Some of his best known works are a part of the David Rumsey Map Collection of Stanford University and have been recently digitized.
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - INSVLÆ QVÆDAM MINORES - The Small Isles
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - ORCADVM ET SCHETLANDIÆ - Orkney and Shetland
The County Palatine of Lancashire, 1610
Map of the Invasions of England and Ireland (1676)
New England New York New Iarsey Pensilvania Maryland and Virginia (1685)
England, Scotland, and Ireland (Morden 1680)
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - CANTYRA - Kintyre
The Invasions of England and Ireland: With Al Their Ciuill Wars since the Conquest. (1676)
Boundary map of County Durham from John Speed's Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine, c. 1611.
1607 map of Flintshire, Wales by John Speed
John Speed’s map of Scotland - 1610
Map of the sea coasts around England, Scotland and Ireland circa 1700
17th Century Map of England and Wales
Map of "Nova Hispania, Nova Galicia, and Gvatimala"created by Scottish cartographer John Ogilby in 1671.
Chelsea, London in the 17th Century
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - MVLA INSVLA - The Isle of Mull
John Speed's map of Oxford, 1605.
Darlington map of Pennsylvania 1680
The Night Council At Fort Necessity from the Darlington Collection of Engravings
Hundred of Salford
John Speed's 1610 map of Suffolk
Map of the North Pole from Seller's Atlas Maritimus: London, 1677
1624 Map of Bermuda, with illustrations of fortifications and important sites, including St. George’s
Pierre Mortier - Map of the location of the earthly paradise, and of the country inhabited by the patriarchs, laid out for the better understanding of sacred history (1700)
Tower of London circa 1682
Early Map of New England, 1677
1685 map of St James's, Westminster, London
1624 Map of Bermuda, with illustrations of fortifications and important sites, including St. George’s, Bermuda.
Number of Battles per Historic County in the British Isles During the Civil Wars 1637-1654 (According to Wikipedia)
John Speed's Map of Yorkshire (1676)
John Speed's Map of Cardiff in 1610
Manchester circa 1650
1756 Bellin Map of Kollam Fort, Kerala, India - Geographicus - Coylan-bellin-1756
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - ILA INSVLA - The Isle of Ila
John speed 1605 map oxford gropecunt
Darlinton map of lake huron 1680
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - STERLINENSIS - Stirlingshire
1700 Map of Syria, Armenia and Caspian Sea
Map of Southampton Castle
Sir Christopher Wren's plan for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666
Monmouthshire, Wales (1610)
Johannes Janssonius - Cornubia. or Cornwall (1645)
Christopher Saxtons map of Lancashire county (1610)
1984 map: "Prince Edward Island to which the name Ile Saint Jean was first given by Champlain in 1603 ..."
1652 Sanson Map of India - Geographicus - India-sanson-1652
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - EVIA ET ESCIA - Eskdale
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - FIFÆ VICECOMITATUS - Fife
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - GLOTTIANA PRÆFECTVRA INFERIOR - Lower Clydesdale
Alexander Addison letter to Hugh Brakenridge September 3 1798
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - INSULAE ALBION ET HIBERNIA - Old Great Britain
Darlington map of Cuba 1680
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - MORAVIA - Moray and Nairn
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - NITHIA - Nithsdale
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - RENFROANA - Renfrew
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - SCOTIA ANTIQUA - Old Scotland
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - SCOTIA REGNUM - Kingdom of Scotland
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - SKIA - The Isle of Skye
Map of the Country of the Five Nations belonging to the province of New York and of the Lakes near which the Nations of Far Indians live with part of Canada taken from the Map of the Louisiane done 1730
Pittsburg Pennsylvania along the ohio river early depiction of route 51 headed toward McKees Rocks early 1800s
Blaeu - Atlas of Scotland 1654 - ÆBUDÆ INSULÆ - The Hebrides
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