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1660 Noua et accurata totius Americae tabula. Published by Dutch cartographer, Frederick de Wit
Map of the siege of Breda in 1637 by Frederick Henry (1649)
New England New York New Iarsey Pensilvania Maryland and Virginia (1685)
New to MapPorn, been researching Native American tribes, Virginia and Maryland by Augustin Herrman 1673
Map of Colonial Maryland
Siege of Breda in 1637 by Frederick Henry - Breda Obsessa et Expvgnata (J.Blaeu)
A new map of Virginia and Maryland - by Robt. Morden. NYPL465069
A new map of Virginia and Maryland - by Robt. Morden. NYPL976273
Nouvelle carte de la Pensylvanie, Maryland, Virginie, et Nouvelle Iarsey. NYPL433869
Regni Poloniae et Ducatus Lithuaniae Voliniae, Podoliae Ucraniae Prussiae, Frederick De Witt (Amsterdam ,1675, 1680)
Part of North America - comprehending the course of the Ohio, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia ... NYPL481131
Virginia, Maryland, Pennsilvania, east and west New Jarsey. NYPL484186
The colonies in 1660, Virginia, Maryland, and the Dutch and Swedish settlements on the Delaware showing extent and dates of settlement (8347571652)
A chart of the sea coasts of New England, New Iarsey, Virginia, Maryland and Carolina, from C. Cod to C. Hattaras - by Iohn Seller. NYPL433740
A map of Virginia and Maryland (5121163162)
Virginia and Maryland. NYPL433619
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