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1685 reprint of a 1656 map of the Dutch North American colonies showing extent of Dutch claims
Territory claimed by the Colony of Connecticut according to its charter in 1662
John Smith's 1612 map of Virginia, which colonists used for nearly a century
Massachusetts Bay Colony Disputes (1630-1691 and 1691-1775)
1635 Map of Africa, it’s Major Cities and Indigenous Groups, by Dutch Cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu.
Swedish colony in Delaware (1635-1655)
Map of New Holland (Australia), New Guinea, and New Zealand from 1644, based on a map by the Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu of the lands then recently explored by the Dutch East India Company.
Ancient Maps - The Struggle for Colonial Dominion (1700-1763 C.E.)
Connecticut Colony 1636-1776
The original Royal land grants for the Carolina colonies, 1663-1776
Beautiful map of colony New Amsterdam on Manhattan based on situation 1662. With canals, parks, windmills and a fortress.
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
Dutch Colony Batavia on Java 1669 (present Jakarta) by Arnoldus Montanus.
Portuguese, Dutch and English Colonies in the East c. 1650
Battles and campaigns waged by the Spanish, Dutch East India Company, and Tausug in the Sulu Islands and Mindanao in the Philippines, 1636-1748.
Tranquebar 1600
Map of Colonial Maryland
NIE 1905 United States - Early Colonial Grants 1620 to 1681
The colonies in 1660, Virginia, Maryland, and the Dutch and Swedish settlements on the Delaware showing extent and dates of settlement (8347571652)
The colonies in 1660, New England and New Netherland showing extent and dates of settlement (8249621315)
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