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North American and Caribbean area: Augustin Roussin 1620
Hispaniola Vinckeboons4
Map of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, 1639
Convento de la Trinidad Calzada
Hispaniola Vinckeboons4 courtesy copy
AMH-7921-KB Map of North America and the Caribbean
Hondius - Cuba Hispaniola
Beasts peculiar to Hispaniola. NYPL1505031
Urbs Domingo in Hispaniola - Montanus - 1671
Urbs Domingo In Hispaniola NYPL1505033
Maps of Culiacán and of Hispaniola and Cuba by Abraham Ortelius
1661 Dutch Map of Caribbean and West Indies showing New Netherland, Virginia, Honduras and Cuba
The Windward passage from Jamaica, betwene the east end of Cuba, and the west end of Hispaniola (8429866445)
Cuba Insula ; Hispaniola Insula (4587171344)
1696 Danckerts Map of Florida, the West Indies, and the Caribbean - Geographicus - WestIndies-dankerts-1696
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