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Hapsburg Monarchy (Later Austrian Empire) Territorial Changes 1648-1795 (Excluding Italian Possessions and the Austrian Netherlands)
The "Sublime State," or the Ottoman Empire, in the year 1683 just before its defeat at the gates of Vienna
Map showing Ottoman territorial losses 1683-1718 after failed Siege of Vienna and Austro-Venetian counter-offensive ( first major Ottoman territorial losses after centuries of expansion and conquest)
Ottoman defeat and territorial losses after failure of great siege of Vienna 1683 and Austrian and Venetian counter-offensives that followed
Siege of Vienna 1683
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Grafschaft Tirol & Nachbargebiete von Warmund Ygl
Innsbruck Ygl
Map of Austria by Abraham Ortelius
Scherer - Austria, Stiria, Carinthia, Carniola (1699)-1
Scherer - Austria, Stiria, Carinthia, Carniola (1699)-2
A new mapp of the upper part of the Rhine containing all Switzerland the circle of Swabia Alsatia the Palatine of the Rhine Lorraine Burgubdy ye French County with the adjacent parts of France and Italy (8343030454)
Plan der Insel Reichenau 1627
Hertzogthumber Steyer, Karnten, Krain 1657
Hertzogthüber Steyer, Karnten, Krain etc. Duches de Stirie, Carinthie, Carniole, Comté de Cilley, Marqsat. des Windes, et autres Estats Unis et hereditaires aux Archiducs d'Austriche 1657
Austria archiducatus (8341846367)
Blaeu 1645 - Austria Archiducatus
Austria. NYPL1632179
"Austria Archiducatus - auctore Wolfgango Lazio" (21637837453)
"Austria Archiducatus - auctore Wolfgango Lazio" (22071095668)
Ortelius Tirol-Carniola-Histria 1575
Smålenenes amt nr 5- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1700
Laßnitz zwischen Murau und Friesach
Contemporary Italian map of Great Siege of Vienna 1683 by Ottoman Empire
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