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Map of China including Japan as well as the Ile Corea - 1626
1638 map of Southeast Asia, China, India, the Philippines and western Oceania (with early location of Northwestern Australia)
The Selden Map of China - made sometime after 1606 and before 1624, it was acquired by the legal scholar and maritime theorist John Selden. It shows a system of navigational routes emanating from a point off Fujian Province near the cities of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou
1611 Map of Africa , southwest Europe, southern Asia, 'Terra Incognita" and the eastern bit of Brazil
1632 map of the Holy Land by the Jesuit monk Jacobus Tirinus. Oriented to the east, map depicts from Syria and Tyre southward as far as the Sinai, Egypt and Thebes
A classic Dutch map covering all of South-east Asia, 1649
Original Coronelli map of Eastern China from 1690 found at a thrift store
Map of India extra Gangem. from 1681 a rare early miniature map of south east Asia with Singapore, Malacca and Bangkok marked. A decorative title cartouche is at lower rightt.
1655 map of Korea and Japan
1690 Visscher Map of Japan and Korea
A New Map of East India from 1676.
17th Century Map of Japan by Ottoman scholar Katip Çelebi
1640 - Asia, Fausto Rughesi
Penisola Dell India (Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola, Giacomo Giovanni Rossi) 1683
1630 Portuguese map of Asia | "Taboas geraes de toda a navegação, divididas e emendadas por Dom Ieronimo de Attayde com todos os portos principaes das conquistas de Portugal delineadas por Ioão Teixeira cosmographo de Sua Magestade" | Jeronimo de Ataide, João Teixeira
1676 map of Tartary to the north of China controlled by marauding Mongols in the 13th-14th centuries
1635 map of Asia
Cambodia, China, Siompa - Hack's descript of ye East Indies | Buccaneer atlas - 1690
Map of India Orientalis Nova from 1686.Early map of the southeast Asia extending from India to Australia, with the Dutch discoveries made on the western side of Cape York Peninsula.
1638 Map of the Turkish Empire, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
‘Mar di India’, from De Zee-atlas ofte Water-waereld 1659
Portuguese Map of Asia (1630)
Provinces of China compared to countries of similar GDP (map without labels in comments) (2000 X 1700)
1623 Map of Europe, Africa and Asia by the Portuguese Carthographer Antonio Sanches
1692 Map of Japan by the German physician Engelbert Kaempfer
Portuguese Map of Asia 1630 (Better Version)
Osaka, Japan by Dosei Kono 1657
1695 Eretz Israel map in Amsterdam Haggada by Abraham Bar-Jacob
1687 | Map of the South China Sea and Coast - VOC |
Iaponia Regnum - The Kingdom of Japan, by Pierre Mortier, 1690
Ultra-high-res image of a 1696 map of Kyoto, Japan
Map of New Holland (Australia), New Guinea, and New Zealand from 1644, based on a map by the Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu of the lands then recently explored by the Dutch East India Company.
Ottoman constructed map of Iran (1630)
Distribution of Armenians in the early 17th century, a few decades after its conquest by the Ottomans, within the current borders of Turkey
India, 1700-1792
China in 618-1279 and under Ming Dynasty 1368-1644
Buddhist View of the World (Description in comment, China/Korea 1613)
Iaponia Regnum (Japan) from a 1655 atlas
India under King Sudas (1700 BCE) before the Battle of the Ten Kings
1610 A new description of Asia
17th century globe, look what they though of Japan
Map of China in frontispiece to Athanasius Kircher’s China Illustrata (1667), depicting Jesuit missionaries Johann Adam Schall von Bell and Matteo Ricci and in the upper part Society of Jesus founders Francis Xavier and Ignatius of Loyola venerating an IHS representing Jesus Christ
India in 1700 Joppen
Pre Hellenic Languages of Asia Minor, 1700 BC
One of the earliest Western maps showing details of northern and central Vietnam from 1651
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
Toshiyuki Ishikawa - map of Japan - 1687
Taiwan in the 17th century, showing Dutch (magenta) and Spanish (green) possessions, and the Kingdom of Middag (orange)
Map of Bassein from Portuguese Atlas (1630)
Capt Dampier's new voyage to New Holland &c in 1699 - Project Gutenberg eText 15675
Battles and campaigns waged by the Spanish, Dutch East India Company, and Tausug in the Sulu Islands and Mindanao in the Philippines, 1636-1748.
The Dominions of Turkey in Europe circa 1683
The world according to the Ming China: a world Map from the "Sancai Tuhui" a Ming Dynasty encylopedia from 1607
1696 Genroku 9 (early Edo) Japanese Map of Kyoto, Japan - Geographicus - Kyoto-genroku9-1696
Tranquebar 1600
1756 Bellin Map of Kollam Fort, Kerala, India - Geographicus - Coylan-bellin-1756
1772 Vaugondy and Diderot Map of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Passage
1700 Map of Syria, Armenia and Caspian Sea
South East Asia, 1606
Portugues map of India, 1630
Planta de cochim bocarro 1635
1652 Sanson Map of India - Geographicus - India-sanson-1652
1658 Jansson Map of the Indian Ocean (Erythrean Sea in Antiquity)
Johannes Vingboons - De stadt Couchijn (1665)
Fort Kochi City Map 1672
Diego Rodrigues discovery 1680 map
Van Keulen-Nieuwe Pascaert van Oost Indien-1680-1735-2
India map 1700 1792
Syria,-detail-from-Ottoman-Empire- by Jaillot
Courant de Souadou-1687 Sanson - Rossi Map of Asia - Geographicus - Asia-rossi-1697 - Copy
Thomas Porcacchi. Tavola Settima Dell'Asia Tabula Asiae VII. Padua 1620
1601 Map of Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya) and the Northeast Passage - Geographicus - NovaZembla-debry-1601
Impossible Black Tulip- World map, detail from the China section
Portuguese map of Asia, 1630
Map of ancient Syria, Description de L'Universe (Alain Manesson Mallet, 1683)
Europe in search of new routes to India and China, 1486-1616 A.D.
Portuguese Map of Asia from 1630
Syria circa 1657
India in 1605
Fortaleza de bacaim
Fortaleza de cananor
South India Map 1652
Map of the East Indies and the Indian Ocean, Pierre Du Val 1665
Indien 1670
Southeast Asia 1684
Johannes van Keulen Paskaart van Oost Indie 1689
Van Keulen-Nieuwe Pascaert van Oost Indien-1680-1735-1
Van Keulen-Nieuwe Pascaert van Oost Indien-1680-1735-3
AMH-2589-NA Ground plan of the fort at Cranganoor
Indes 1696 Nicolas de Fer 04986
Sketch plan of the attack on Mysore
Map of ancient western Asia, Description de L'Universe (Alain Manesson Mallet, 1685)
Map of the Iraq region, Description de L'Universe (Alain Manesson Mallet, 1685)
Map of Turkey in Europe, Description de L'Universe (Alain Manesson Mallet, 1685)
1650 Fuller Map of Jerusalem ( Israel, Palestine, Holy Land) - Geographicus - jerusalem-fuller-1650
Cavallini. Atlas nautique de la Mer Méditerranée et d'une partie de la Mer Noire. 1639. Israel
Jodocus Hondius Map of Asia 1607
1686 Mallet Map of Ceylon or Sri Lanka (Taprobane) - Geographicus - Taprobane-mallet-1686
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