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Cornwall 1579
Bristol, England, 1478. From The Maire of Bristowe is Kalendar by Robert Ricart, common clerk of Bristol (1478 to 1506)
Aerial plan of Chester, England, 1585
1598 Map of London by Sebastian Münster
John Norden's Ms. Map of Essex 1594
John Speed's 1511 map of Hampshire
Greenland, Iceland, and Frisland on the Gerardus Mercator world map of 1569
England’s Immigrants 1330-1550 where they came from
The imaginary island of Frisland on Mercator's Arctic Map 1623. Frisland appeared in most maps of the north Atlantic from the mid 15th century to the mid 16th century
Map of the British Isles, 1570
16th century atlas. Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, Ireland
One of the earliest maps of London, a 1572 city plan, by engraver Frans Hogenburg
Urbano Monti (1544–1613) (alternate spelling: Urbano Monte) was an Italian cartographer. He was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His most famous work is the Planisphere.Some of his best known works are a part of the David Rumsey Map Collection of Stanford University and have been recently digitized.
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
Total wealth brought into counties by England's Immigrants 1330-1550
The British Isles, 1595
London - John Norden's map of 1593
An Map of the English County Of Somerset, Mid 16th Century
Map of Norwich 1559
1580 map showing the coast from Dublin to Carrickfergus, Ireland
Tabula Europae Prima - Claudius Ptolemy, 1597. The earliest recognizable map of Ireland. On display at the Ulster museum in Belfast.
Map Of The Isle Of Wight, 1579, Quay Abbey, Wooton Bridge Parish
Bull and Bear Baiting arenas shown on the Agas Map of London of 1560
Ralph Agas map of Oxford 1578
1593 Norden's map of Westminster surveyed and publ 1593 (1)
Cambridge 1574 map
Cambridge 1575 colour
Theatre of the lands of the Globe (Theatrum Orbis Terrarum) by Abraham Ortelius 1573. Photo taken Royal Maritime Museum Greenwich
Map of the British Isles. HM 160. William Bowyer. Heroica Eulogia. England, 1567
Ralph Agas map of Oxford 1578 Jesus marked
Map of Chester (William Smith 1588)
Isle of Wight by John Rudd 1570
The distance of the famous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem is comparable to NYC to Hamptons or Leicester to London. Less than 160 kilometers / 100 miles.
Lancashire in 1598
Tabula Europae I (1561)
La Nuoua Francia (2674844435)
Africa West 1561, Girolamo Ruscelli (3821019-recto)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Ortelius 1579 British Isles Map
Map of Cornish coastline (c.1539) - BL Cotton MS Augustus I i 35
Waldseemüllers Scotland
1598 London Map by Münster
Houghton Asia 9215.98 - Rosaccio, Siria
Edinburgh in 1544. Wellcome M0008080
Houghton 51-2529 - Totius Galliae descriptio, 1558
Scottish geographical magazine (1885) (14597736437)
The generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer isles- with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their first beginning ano- 1584. to this present 1626. NYPL433895
Thomas Durham - Map of the Isle of Man - 1595 - 001
Houghton 51-2553 - Hans Rogel, Insola Cypern
Speed, John, 1552-1629 , LONDON - 1676 - Thomas Bassett & Richard Chiswell
Cambridge 1575
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