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The growth of the Old Swiss Confederation from 1291 to the 16th Century
16th Century Map of Freiburg, Germany by Braun & Hogenburg
Tabula novarum insularum, quas Diversis respectibus Occidentales & Indianas uocant. Sebastian Münster, Basel, 1554
Map of the New World ("Die Nüw Welt") produced by Swiss cartographer Sebastian Münster in 1550.
Karte des Zürcher Gebiets 1566 (Kantonskarte Jos Murer) - Zürich - Zentralbibliothek 2011-08-22 15-18-36
A Map of Germany (Germaniae Tabula), printed at Basel in 1540 by Sebastian Münster
Geographia by Ptolemy, Typus Orbis Universalis, 1540 Basel edition - Maps of Africa - Robert C. Williams Paper Museum - DSC00614
PG 1540 Basel
Sebastian Münster, Ptolemy. Terra Sancta XVI. NOVA TABVLA. Basel; Henricus Petri. 25.5 x 34.5 cm. 1540
Karte (Reproduktion) von Martin Waldseemüller in Freiburg
Europa die erste, Tafel des Ersten Buchs, Johannes Stumpf (Zürich, 1548-50)
Stefano Bonsignori - Central northern Europe- Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria an... - Google Art Project
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