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Beautifull 1593 map of Flushing (Vlissingen) in the Netherlands
The first map whose borders featured female figures as symbols of major geographic regions (Amsterdam, 1594)
Map of Zeeland, the Netherlands, in 1580 (high-res version in comments)
Spot the differences: Dordrecht 1545 and modern day
1595 map of the Indian Ocean showing the First Dutch Expedition routes around the Cape of Good Hope to Sumatra and Java, Indonesia
Similar map of Amsterdam 1567
Europe according to dutch cartographer Willem Blaeu. Look at the size of Greece, and the charming romping lions in 'Barbaria'. ca. 1600
Orbis Terrarum, published by the Dutch astronomer, cartographer and clergyman Petrus Plancius in 1594.
All territories colonized by the Dutch 1598-1975
Netherlands 1568
Map of Habsburg Netherlands and the ecclesiastical enclaves of Liège, 1548
1583 map of the Dutch province of Zeeland
Dutch Map of 1596 of the South West Coast of Africa.
The fortification of Antwerp, Belgium. It was build in the 16th century by order of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to protect this major city with its important port during the Dutch Revolt. Most of the constructions were demolished around 1860 due to the expansion of Antwerp.
Cornelis anthonisz vogelvluchtkaart amsterdam
Jacob van Deventer: Mapping modern cities in the 16th century. Amsterdam and 13 other cities compared.
Haarlem, Netherlands. Another image of the Spanish siege 1572-73.
Tho Thomasz 1578-Haarlem
A map of Russia by Jenkinson from an atlas, published by B. Langens in Amsterdam in 1598
Haarlem, Netherlands. Depicting the siege by the Spanish army 1572-73
Antwerp, the march and the most important buildings in 1624
Map of the Netherlands - copper plate by Cornelis de Hooghe for Luigi Guicciardini
1601 Map of Nova Zembla (Novaya Zemlya) and the Northeast Passage - Geographicus - NovaZembla-debry-1601
Sjøkart over kysten av Norge fra Trondheim til Bergen, fra 1592
Map of Holland, The Netherlands 1558
1560 Zeeland v Deventer
Jakob van Deventer 1580
Haarlem Kenau 1573
Adriaan Justus Enschedé after Pieter Bruynsz - Copy of map from 1599 of Haarlem bleachfields near Bloemendaal - 1870
Stadskaart Woudrichem en Gorinchem 1545 door Jacob van Deventer
1558 Map of Bruges by Jacob van Deventer (detail)
Bredestraat, 1587, 1749
Maastricht, Bat en Vissersmaas (Bellomonte, 1587)
Maastricht, detail plattegrond Simon de Bellomonte, ca 1580 met Bredestraat (Via Regia)
Maastricht, detail van plattegrond uit 1587 met Maaskade
Maastricht, detail van plattegrond uit ca 1580 met Markt, Grote Poort en Lakenhal
Maastricht, detail van plattegrond uit ca 1580 met St-Servaaskerk en Boichgraeve
Maastricht, detail van plattegrond uit ca 1580 met St-Servaaskerk
Maastricht, Maria-ten-Oeverkapel
Maastricht, Sint-Amorkapel
Maastricht, Sint-Evergisluskapel
Maastricht, Sint-Joriskapel
Het beleg van Alkmaar 1573
Maastricht, Sint-Vincentkapel
Maastricht, zuidoosthoek Vrijthof 1587-1748
Plattegrond - Maastricht - 20145261 - RCE
Stefano Bonsignori - Central northern Europe- Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria an... - Google Art Project
India in 1595 according to the Dutch
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