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Jerusalem, et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi floruit...descripta per Christianum Adrichom Delphum 1584
1581 Bunting Clover Leaf Map. Stylized world map in the shape of a clover leaf (showing the Continents of Europe, Asia, Africa). Jerusalem is at the centre
The National Library of Israel - Canaan as it was possessed both in Abraham and Israels dayes with with the stations and bordering nations
The distance of the famous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem is comparable to NYC to Hamptons or Leicester to London. Less than 160 kilometers / 100 miles.
Neznámý - Jeruzalém, 1592
Antiquae Jerusalem
Braun Jerusalem UBHD
UBBasel Map Bethlehem Jerusalem Palästina 1578 Kartenslg AA 103
Jerusalem map van-Adrichem 1584
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