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1550 Map of South America labeled in German, geographic features otherwise in Latin. Relief shown pictorially.
Frankfurt, Germany by Conrad Faber of Kreuznach (1552)
1584 Gdansk, Kaliningrad, Konigsberg, Prussia: Baltic Sea Coastline to Memel (Klaipeda)
1544 World Map by the German scientist Sebastian Muenster
America sive novus orbis ... ; (America or the New World ...) Theodor de Bry (1528-1598), illustrator and engraver Frankfurt, 1596
View of Frankfurt (in the 16th Century) from the Civitates orbis terrarum
Europe in the 16th century. Old German school map, unsure of age.
Gdansk, Kaliningrad, Konigsberg, Prussia: Baltic Sea Coastline to Memel (Klaipeda) Printed in Antwerp & incl. in Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1584)
The Nuremberg map of Tenochtitlan and the Gulf of Mexico. First image seen in Europe of the Aztec capital, 1524
1582 Map Mexico City and Cuzco by German Carthographers Braun and Hogenberg
Old map of Germany from 1571
The Carta Marina Navigatoria Portugallen World Map Made by German Cartographer Martin Waldseemüller, 1516. Map
Portrait of Amerigo Vespucci next to a Map of the Americas and East Asia. Detail from Universal Cosmography world Map by German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller, originally published in April 1507.
The 1522 Tabula nova totius orbis. One of the Earliest World Maps To Show America by the German Map Maker Lorenz Fries.
A old map of Venezuela back 1528 Germany had a colony here until 1546
16th Century Map of Freiburg, Germany by Braun & Hogenburg
Brandenburg Prussia Expansion 1525-1648
Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region (1380-1560)
Locator County of Mark (1560)
Ansicht Kassel (Braun Hogenberg) 1572
Frankfurt Münster 1550
Weinsberg 1578
Wildbanngrenze Kurpfalz-Speyer 1548
Augsburg 1549
Locator County of Lippe (1560)
BÜNTING, Heinrich. Asia Secunda pars Terræ in Forma Pegasir (Magdeburg, 1581)
A Map of Germany (Germaniae Tabula), printed at Basel in 1540 by Sebastian Münster
Braun Kassel UBHD
Kassel Braun-Hogenberg
1598 London Map by Münster
Braun Augsburg UBHD
Hans Peter Eberlin, 1578, Heilbronn Wartberg, Blick auf Karmeliterkloster, Sülmertorturm, Nikolaikirche und Franziskanerkloster
Heilbronn oestliches Umland 1578
Territorium der Reichsstadt Heilbronn 1578 detail Galgen
Karte (Reproduktion) von Martin Waldseemüller in Freiburg
Ausschnitt Landkarte Hochstift Fulda von Regerwill 1574
Kirchen in Wesel 1588
Dieppe 1589
Stefano Bonsignori - Central northern Europe- Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria an... - Google Art Project
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