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Europe about 1560 - from "Historical Atlas" by William R. Shepherd, 1923
Beautifull 1593 map of Flushing (Vlissingen) in the Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany by Conrad Faber of Kreuznach (1552)
Map of the World Known to Europe at the Death of Charles V (1551)
First European Map of Tenochtitlan (1524)
1580 Map of Greece and western Turkey
1570 Map with Armenia at the centre / by F. V. Dourado
1537 map of Europe in the shape of a Queen - designed by Johannes Putsch
Bonsignori's Map of Italy 1577
A map of New France made by cartographers Jan Doetecom, Petrus Plancius, and Cornelis Claesz (1592-1594)
Map of Europe, 1550
Great Britain and Ireland 1569
Map of Iceland, published in Additamentum IV to Ortellus' map collection in Antwerp 1590. It far surpassed earlier maps of Iceland in accuracy
Cyprus, 1573
1597 map of the island of Tinos (Tine) in Greece - by Venetian Giacomo (Jacomo) Franco
Carta marina, an early map of the Nordic countries, made around end of Kalmar Union and start of Denmark-Norway (1539)
Map of Iceland from the 1539 Carta Marina
16th century map of Spain and North Africa
Map of Portugal, 1561 in the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" (1570) de Abraham Ortelius
1570 Map of Northern Europe
The European section of the Waldseemüller map, 1507
Map of Zeeland, the Netherlands, in 1580 (high-res version in comments)
Ortelius map of Europe 1595
Carta Marina / drawn by Martin Waldseemüller in 1516. This is a remix of both fantastical and official testimony of the world. King Manuel of Portugal is riding a sea monster close to the southern coast of Africa, a symbol of the Portuguese control over the marine route between Africa and India
1525 Piri Reis Map of the Island of Rhodes, Greece
Bruges, Belgium by Marcus Gerards 1562
Map of Karpathos (Scarpanto), Greece - by Giacomo Franco, 1597
Map of France by Jean Jolivet, 16th century
Portolan chart of Europe and northern Africa by Diogo Homem, 1563
World in 1567, by Ottoman sailor Ali Macar Reis (Ottoman Archives, Turkey)
Greenland, Iceland, and Frisland on the Gerardus Mercator world map of 1569
1582 Map of Europe shaped as a virgin
Europe According to Charles V 1555
Europe in the 16th century. Old German school map, unsure of age.
1581 Bunting Clover Leaf Map. Stylized world map in the shape of a clover leaf (showing the Continents of Europe, Asia, Africa). Jerusalem is at the centre
World Map fresco in Farnese Palace Italy dated circa 1575
Europe according to dutch cartographer Willem Blaeu. Look at the size of Greece, and the charming romping lions in 'Barbaria'. ca. 1600
I watercolored a map of Europe in 1560
Map monsters on the Northern Europe sheet of Atlas by Antione Lafrey, ca 1575
Islandia : 16th century map of Iceland (with seamonsters)
A print of Piri Reis's 1525 Ottoman map of Malta
Italy - Ptolemy/Fries - 1541 #MyWallsWednesday
View of Lisbon and Tagus River, Portugal, 1572
Hand-drawn and painted map of The Peoples of Europe in Antiquity, as described by Ptolemy (c. 100-160, c.e.)
Europe 1550 AD
Major areas of witchcraft persecution in 16th century Europe
Europe (Detailed) - AD 1590
Expansion of France 1552-1798
16th century ethnicity map of Ireland
Map of the world from 1502, 10 years after the "discovery" of the Americas. Note how it also includes the line of the separation of the world between Portugal and Spain.
Vilnius, Lithuania in 1581
Religions in Europe in 1560
16th Century Ottoman Map of Europe on a modern map of Europe
What 16th Century Arabs thought Europe looked like on Top of an Actual Map of Europe
Map of Battle of Lepanto 1571 between Ottoman Empire and Holy League (Spain, Venice, Papal State), largest battle fought by galleys in history
Old map of Denmark 1595
Map of Europe 1559
Could someone explain what the Uergivius Oceanus (just below Ireland) is? This is a reproduction of the Mercator Map of 1585.
The oldest European settlement in the Americas. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1589.
Map of the Holy League of Pope Clement VIII in 1594 - an alliance to drive Ottoman Empire out of Europe
Map of Italy, Corsica and Sardinia. Gallery of Maps, Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy. Created by Ignazio Danti (c. 1580), photograph by Jean-Pol Grandmont.
This is the oldest known map of Ireland, circa 1573
Map of Italy made by Ignazio Danti in 1580
European printing towns of books printed before the year 1501, by number of distinct editions. This map shows the spread of printing in the sixty years following Gutenberg's invention of the printing press
Map of Europe from 16th century
France: languages & borders, 1550
The Nuremberg map of Tenochtitlan and the Gulf of Mexico. First image seen in Europe of the Aztec capital, 1524
Map of Europe 1520
All territories that were at one time under French control in North America between 1534 to 1803. (This map is only listing around 60 Forts while there was more than 150 in New France - France claimed to go all the way to the Pacific ocean but there was no permanent presence.)
1589 Map of Europe
Netherlands 1568
Old map of Germany from 1571
Symbolic map of Europe as a virgin. 1592.
Map of Finland in 1539
Map of Europe shaped as a virgin by Heinrich Büntig in 1581
Europe, 1570
Ottoman and Habsburg possessions in Europe, North Africa and Middle East 1538
Division of Kingdom of Hungary in 16th century
World Map by Giovanni Antonio Da Varese, Hall of Maps, Palazzo Farnese, Caprarola. Italy, 1574
Map of Iceland by Abraham Ortelius (1527 – 1598)
Europe ad King, map from 1570 (Europa als Königin. Karte von 1570.)
Habsburg controlled territories in Europe 1526-1918 with dates of acquisition and loss
Map of Habsburg Netherlands and the ecclesiastical enclaves of Liège, 1548
Portugal 1584 by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer
Battles between Native Americans and Europeans, 1521-1890
Poland and Lithuania in 1561
Europe about 1560
The Kalmar Union Restored: Europe in 1521
Map of France territory expansion 1552-1798
Rulers of Europe in 1518 AD
Europe As A Queen Sebastian Munster 1570
Bonsignori's Map of Italy 1577
Map of Europe Showing Poland and Lithuania, 1561-1629
Map of Northern Europe, by Sebastian Münster, 1552
Tabula Hungariae, oldest map of Hungary from 16th century
Elective Government in Europe c.1590
A map made in 1580 of Italy found in The Vatican City.
Engraved map of New Spain (colonial Mexico) in 1599: Girolamo Ruscelli, “Nveva Hispania tabvla nova,” 19 x 25 cm
World map of Nicolas Desliens (1566) part of the Dieppe Maps, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris.
Map of Ireland at the Beginning of the 16th Century
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