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Map of present-day Poland in 967, 1239, 1411, 1635, 1815 and 1921.
The Ottoman Empire 1481 to 1683
The imaginary island of Frisland on Mercator's Arctic Map 1623. Frisland appeared in most maps of the north Atlantic from the mid 15th century to the mid 16th century
The Ottoman Empire, 1461-1683
Turkish conquests from 1481 to 1683 under Selim l and Suleiman the Magnificent
Europe in search of new routes to India and China, 1486-1616 A.D.
Sketch plan of the attack on Mysore
Mappa delle Bocche di Cattaro- Kotor (Montenegro - ex dominio veneto 1420 -1797)
Karl Spruner von Merz, Frankreich von 1461 bis 1610, 1854 - David Rumsey
GDP per capita in Europe in 1500,1700 and 2008
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