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Bristol, England, 1478. From The Maire of Bristowe is Kalendar by Robert Ricart, common clerk of Bristol (1478 to 1506)
Inca Expansion (1438–1527)
The Italian Wars (1494 -1538)
The imaginary island of Frisland on Mercator's Arctic Map 1623. Frisland appeared in most maps of the north Atlantic from the mid 15th century to the mid 16th century
The 16th century Japanese “Map of the Great Ming”, Based on the Korean 1402 Kangnido World Map. it reflects the geographic knowledge of China during the Mongol Empire when geographical information about Western countries became available via Islamic geographers.
Europe and the European World, 1492-1581
The Flat Earth - "The Garden of Earthly Delights" (exterior, closed). Hieronymus Bosch, approx. 1490 - 1510
Tatar raids on Poland, Lithuania and Moscovia in years 1475-1550
Ancient Maps - The West Indies and Central America (1492-1525 C.E.)
The principality of Moldavia in 1483, during the reign of Stephen the Great (1457-1504) - Map by Andrein
Plan de Paris 1422 1589 BNF07710749
1578 Europae Octava Tabula Mercator
Perpignan - Siège de 1473-75
Titelblatt Euklid 1505
The Christian-Ottoman Frontier 1500-1575
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