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1154 world map by Moroccan cartographer al-Idrisi for King Roger of Sicily
A faithful reconstruction of Constantinople in the year 1200, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
The new nations of the USA: eleven metropolitan areas that are growing into megaregions. (1200 x 800px)
Eurasia on the eve of the Mongol invasion, c. 1200
Hua yi tu - Ancient Map of China. Original stone was engraved in Fuchang 7 nian, i.e. 1136 A.D. Stone rubbing dated 1903?
Jewish population in Europe, 1933 vs 2015 [2400 × 1186
Map of Europe in the year 1200 A.D.
Iberian Kingdoms in 1150, shortly after the Kingdom of Portugal was established
Angevin Empire At Its Peak 12th Century
Baltic Tribes Circa 1200 C.E.
AD 1152 - Western Europe (the HRE was ridiculous)
The begin of the Reconquista (814-1139)
Map of Song Dynasty China in 1120,
Shortest-possible tour to 49,603 sites from the National Register of Historic Places [1170 x 650
Europe in 1190 AD
The Norwegian Crusade, led by Norwegian King Sigurd I, lasted from 1107 to 1111, in the aftermath of the First Crusade. The Norwegian Crusade marks not only the first time a Scandinavian king personally went crusading to the Holy Land, but also the first time any European king did so.
Viking Scotland 1104-1469
Europe 1120 AD
Russia, 12th century
Map of The Crusades, 1096-1204
Baltic Tribes circa. 1200
Map of India in 1200
The Iberian Peninsula and the western Mediterranean circa 1200
One week, 1195 homicides. All homicides that happened in Brazil between August 21-27th.
1200 C.E. Kingdom of the arctic marine mammal hunters
War for the Angevin Inheritance: 1199
11-12th Century Trade Routes 1200x721
Al-Idrisi world map in the 12th century (upside down)
Knights Templar Properties in Western Europe, c.1147
The end of Al-Andalus (1139-1492)
Map of the Second Bulgarian Empire (around 1200-1240 AD)
Byzantine Rome under John Komnenos (r. 1118-1143) compared to modern France
Viking Scotland, 1104-1469
Stem Duchies of the Holy Roman Empire, in addition to other constituents around the time of the Salian Emperors (1027–1125)
Weekly Distribution of the Wood Thrush (1200 × 978)
Europe 1199 A.D.
Western Europe in 1156
The World according to Al-Idrisi, c. 1154
Al-Idrisi's World Map (1154)
T and O map 12th century
A map of Poland between 1102 and 1138
Byzantium After Alexios Komnenos - Komnenian Restoration (1170 AD)
The Near East, 1190, at the outset of the Third Crusade, showing the location of the Acre, the Battle of Arsuf, and other important sites.
French King Philippe-Auguste’s kingdom (1180-1223)
An inverted map made by Al-Idrissi in 1154 showing north Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Work in progress map of europe around 1175
Kingdom of Croatia 1102
The near east 1200 CE. WIP, critique please!
Asia minor 1140
World map of Idrisi 1154 AD (upside down)
Human Development of Asia (1119 X 967)
Percent of adults who identify as transgender in the United States (2016) 1200×1201]
Map of the USA's Most Googled Recipes of 2017 (1200 × 600)
The Almohad Caliphate, which ruled in North Africa and Spain between 1121-1269
Giant version of the Idrisi map of the world, 1154.
Kievan Rus in 11th century(1015-1113)
World Map "Imago Mundi" (1190) by Honorius of Autun
Invasions and migrations circa. 1200 BC
Most popular native or not native second languages, 1196×914
Didgori battle campaign map, 1121
This map is from 1154 during the invasion of Tabula Rogeriana
Extent of the Fatimid Caliphate 909–1171
12th century map of India (Southern side up) by Arabian geographer al-Idrisi. Sri Lanka and Indonesia visible too.
The Almoravid Empire, which ruled Spain and North Africa from 1040 to 1147
Is it the most ancient map of Madagascar and Comoros (made by the Arab geographer EDRIS in 1153)
Map of California Roads For Cyclers, 1896. [1179 × 1600}
Map of africa found on a traveler passing through Byzantine empire (year ~1194-1308)
1180 Plan of Paris
The peoples and empires of the Slavs between the Elbe and the Don until 1125
Public Schools Historical Atlas - Europe 1135
The world's most popular porn categories 2017 (1120 * 640)
Occitan: Byzantine Empire (1025-1204) and Bulgaria (996)
Slavic peoples and states between Elbe and Don until 1125
Milano, 1156
The Conquords of France and Arelat until 1180. (with) Paris under Philipp. August at the beginning of the 12th Century. (With) Normandy, Anjou, Touraine and Maine
Ireland in 1172
England and France 1152-1327
Paris As it was at the advent of Philip Augustus in 1180
Old map of 1811 shows Bavaria in 1180, with subdivision by domination
Swedish Map of France and England around 1180 ad.
Swedish Map of the Orient around 1190, with focus on the crusades
Baiern among the Welfen in the year 1156.
H1N1 Argentina (mortalidad 1107) Map
Map of Central Europe 919-1125
My opinion on Africa (1200×1200)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography