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Ethnic map of Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th century based on place-names
The Vikings, 793-1001.
Norse America ca. 1010
Preferred Messaging Services (1059×1034)
The North Sea Empire under King Cnut, 1028-1035.
Christianity in 1054
A map(or outline really) of the Contiguous United States hand-made on Desmos with 1039 lines.
The different cultures in Greenland, Iceland, Labrador, Newfoundland and the Canadian arctic islands in the years 900, 1100, 1300 & 1500
Map I Hand Drew of the Byzantine Empire in 1025 CE
The Saint-Sever Beatus Map from the 11th Century
Map of Seljuk Sultanate, 1096 AD
How to piss off everyone in 1066
German map of prominent viking raids, settlements and landings between 800 and 1050 AD.
Political map of the Caucasus region in 1060.
The medieval Ani, the city of 1001 churches. Located in Western Armenia, it was sacked by the Mongols in 1236 AD and started a period of decadence after an earthquake in 1319 AD. Its remains are today a UNESCO heritage site.
Kingdom of the Isles at the end of 11th century
1936 Nazi Propaganda Map of the US: "‘How Race Questions Arise.’ A map of the 48 states showing ‘Statutory Restrictions on Negro Rights,’" (1024 × 908)
Serbia, Bosnia, Dioclea and Croatia (1090 AD)
Dominions of Cnut the Great (1014-1035)
Byzantine-Muslim naval conflicts from its beginnings in the mid-7th century to ca. 1050
Map of The Crusades, 1096-1204
The geography of terrorism - monthly deaths between 2012 and 2016 (1320 × 1023 animated gif)
The Seljuk Empire in 1092
Most photographed places in the world (1601×1049)
Map of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East Circa 1066 A.D.
Mycenaean Greece (1400-1100 BC)
Byzantine Empire, Circa August 1071 AD
Kievan Rus, 1015-1113 AD
Danish North Sea Empire 1016-1035 AD
11th century Anglo-Saxon map of the world
Norse America 1010
Countries that have been in a war with England and won 11th century through 18th century
Chola Dynasty (South Indian) at its territorial Peak (in 1030). Why did south India not become a separate nation despite being culturally, linguistically and historically different from North India?
Stem Duchies of the Holy Roman Empire, in addition to other constituents around the time of the Salian Emperors (1027–1125)
Eurovision participants by number of wins (1020 X 810)
Territorial Evolution of the Crusader State 1090-1600
North Sea Empire - AD 1035
Europe in 1100
The Byzantine Empire during its Golden Age, 1025
Union of South Africa (1944?) 1536 x 1038
NATO, The EU, Schegen and The Eurozone inside of Europe. (1084×2116)
English counties in 1086, as described by the Domesday Book
The Taifas, the independent Islamic states of Muslim Spain, in 1031
The Western Zhou Dynasty (1045 - 771 BC) by Undevicesimus
The Eastern Roman Empire at the death of Emperor Basil II (1025 AD).
Map of oldest universities in Europe (1050-present)
North Sea Empire - AD 1035
The Sultanate of Rome, c.1100-1243
The North Sea Empire in 1028
Chola Empire at its peak(1045 AD)
The Empire of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni, c.1030
Expulsion of Jews in Europe (1100-1600)
The Eastern Roman Empire during the rule of Emperor Basil II (c. 1025).
Barghawata, the independent Berber state existing in northwest Africa between 744-1058 AD
When the Shi'a Ruled the Middle East: The Era of the Fatimids and Buyids, 969-1062
Ancient Maps - Dominions of William the Conqueror (1087 C.E.)
Byzantine Empire, 1025
North Sea Empire of Cnut the Great circa 1030 a.d.
Byzantine Empire Themes 1025
Kievan Rus in 11th century(1015-1113)
Linguistic Map of Central Europe 1910 (without borders) ]1035 × 925]
Mediterranean Maritime Republics, 11th century
Campaigns in the Islamic World and in the Mediterranean Between 900 and 1003 AD
Average bird egg color by location, equal earth projection. Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-019-1003-2
Emerson Kent - Map of the First Crusade 1095-1099
England in 1065
The Byzantine Empire on the death of Emperor Basil II in 1025
1030 France Map
The temporary state of Franklin (northeastern TN) 1784-9, (1340 X 1029)
Iberia 1066, hand drawn (totally not inspired by CK2)
Map Iberian Peninsula 1037-es
Ethnic map of Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th century based on place-names
The Byzantine Empire, 1081-1204 .
Duchy of Normandy between 911 and 1050. In blue the areas of intensity Norse settlement
Europe at the dawn of the 11th century
Map Iberian Peninsula 1030-es
The Almoravid Empire, which ruled Spain and North Africa from 1040 to 1147
The Earth, 1100 million years ago.
Poland in 1004 looks like Germany.
The Anglo-Saxon Mappa Mundi, 1025-1050. An Anglo-Saxon map of their known world. The British Library.
Map of english dioceses in 850-1035
The ancient Medang Kingdom on Java (732-1006 CE)
Earldoms of England in the 11th Century
Location map Taifa of Denia
Italy 1050
Total Solar Eclipse Paths 1001 - 2000
Alleged territories of Czech (Bohemian) tribes 8-9th cent. according to 11th century Chronica Boemorum
Island of the Jewel
Kingdom of Leon 1037
Jerusalem 985-1052
Map of Indian Empires in 1047 AD
Map of 11th Century Oxford, England
Leon 1030
Leon 1030
Location map Taifa of Algeciras
The Seljuk Empire in 1092
Northern Middle East Cultures from 1072 to 1337 in Crusader Kings 2
Europe in 1100
Map of the Kingdom of Denmark with vassals & allies in 1028 AD
1025AD GRC
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