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Author: Johannes Ratelband

1747 Ratelband Map of Gibraltar

This is an extremely scarce 1747 map of the Straits of Gibraltar. Depicts the Strait with a southward orientation, Spain being on the bottom of the map and Morocco on the top. Details the Strait of Gibraltar, across to Ceuta on the Barbary coast, and extends to Marbelle and the Tangier. Decorative compass rose appears between Ceuta and Gibraltar. Set above a beautiful view of the strait showing the Rock of Gibraltar, the Barbary Coast and 16 sailing ships. Set within the frame of a decorative pink tapestry. Based upon the charts of Dutch navigator Hendrik Lynslager. Prepared by an unknown engraver for inclusion as plate no. 23 in the 1747 issue of Ratelband’s “Geographisch-Toneel”.

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