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1932 Walter M. Gaffney Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Geographicus - CapeCod-gaffney-1932

This unusual map of Cape Cod was drawn in 1932 by the Cape Cod architect Walter M. Gaffney. . This particular map was drawn by Hyannis architect Walter M. Gaffney during the Great Depression. According to his daughter, Gaffney issued this map to make supplemental money while the architecture business suffered a downturn. This is considered a figurative map or a decorative map, and reflects a style that first began to appear around 1910. As a map its intention is not so much to provide direction as to illustrate the character, famous places, and historical appeal of Cape Cod. Cartographically speaking, this map style most likely draws its inspiration from late 19th century tourist maps and railroad maps. Tourist Maps, common to major cities in Europe (usually Paris or London), included profiles of notable buildings and monuments and were designed to help foreign tourists identify and navigate to the most important sights. Railroad Maps are a related genre more common to the United States. During the later part of the 19th century railroad boom, railroad companies began issuing decorative route maps extolling the virtues various regions and their accessibility by rail. Standing somewhere between this two map styles, our map combines the decorative aspects of both while reducing cartographic value. It may be hard to get from A to B using this map, but its attractive design and decorative flourishes, make it an excellent souvenir and memento of a wonderful Cape Cod vacation.

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