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1929 Folk Art Manuscript Map of Kentucky - Geographicus - Kentucky-fws-1929

An extraordinary bit of Americana. This Folk Art manuscript (hand drawn) map of Kentucky was produced by an unknown artist in 1929. The map, though somewhat difficult to interpret, covers Kentucky from Reelfoot Lake on the Tennessee-Missouri-Kentucky border along the Ohio River, which forms the top of the map, to Big Sandy River. This map is covered in hundreds of little vignettes referring to historical events or simply beloved Kentucky destinations. The artist, who has dedicated this map to his dog, Black Shadow, describes his intent somewhat in a short poetic paragraph: Here is Kentucky, Turn and Gaze... It's Not So Very Serious: Nothing's in the Right Place. Everything's Happening at Once: Ox Carts to Aeroplanes. ... A Fine Pretty World Indeed... This map's unusual projection as well as the thick waxy paper employed suggests that this may have been intended to be a lampshade. The artist IS unknown, save for his initials, F.W.S., which are noted near the date.

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