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Sketch plan of the attack on Mysore

According the web site http://europeana.eu/portal/: Pencil, pen-and-ink and wash with water-colour sketch plan of the attack on Seringapatam by an unknown artist, dated 1791.Srirangapatnam is an island set in the River Kaveri in the modern-day state of Karnataka in the south west of India. The Vijayanagara rulers built a fort here in 1454 and in 1616 it became the capital of the Mysore Wadayar Rajas. Later it was the capital of the renowned Rajas of Mysore, Haidar Ali (c. 1722-1782) and Tipu Sultan (1753-1799). The Rajas were responsible for turning the small state of Mysore into a major Muslim power. Haider Ali faced opposition from the Marathas, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the British. Four successive wars were fought for control of southern India. In 1781 Haidar was defeated and died a year later but the military campaign was continued by his son, Tipu. The final battle took place in May 1799 when the British stormed the fortress and Tipu Sultan was killed.

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