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1776 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Bihar and Bengal, India - Geographicus - BaharBengal-dury-1776

An altogether spectacular wall sized map of those parts of Bengal and Bihar, India. Follows the course of the Ganges River from Varanasi (Benares) eastward to the Ganges Delta and the Bay of Bengal. Includes Varanasi (Benares), Dacca (Dahka, Bengladesh), and Patna among many other important Indian cities. Bounded on the north by the Himalaya Mountains and the border with Bhutan. One of the first accurate maps of the interior of India. Laid out from primary surveys done by James Rennell, the first modern cartographer to map the interior of India. Notes cities, markets, battlefields, fortresses, roads, rivers, offers political commentary, and features some geographical references. Elaborate title in the lower left quadrant. Upper right quadrant features a dedication and letter of thanks written by Andrew Dury, the publisher, to the board of the East India Company. This is the first edition of this rare map – 1776 – as published by Dury. Later editions were published by Sayer and Bennet and by Laurie and Whittle. Another high quality digitisation is available at the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: 0 This map was published by Laurie and Whittle, as mentioned in the description by Geographicus for the 1776 map, in 1794. Regions are demarcated in coloured outlines instead of filled colours. A higher quality digitisation than that of Geographicus. Contains parts that are missing at the central vertical fold in the Geographicus digitisation of the 1776 map. Viewable in online Flash viewer and downloadable in :w:MrSID|MrSID format.

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