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1764 Bellin Map of Bombay (Mumbai) India - Geographicus - Bombay-bellin-1750

An extremely attractive and rare 1764 map of Bombay or Mumbai, India by J. N. Bellin. Depicted the peninsula of Bombay as it was in the 1700s – divided into several small islands including Salcet, Bombay, and the Isle of the Jesuits. Shows the city and fort of Bombay at the southern tip of Bombay Island. Also shows the villages of Salcet, Cayman, Mayen, Colay, Bandura and Trombay. Includes the coast of mainland India from the Negalan River northward past the River Penn to what is today Panvel Creek. Offers considerable offshore detail including depth soundings around Bombay Harbor and references to shoals and anchorage. Decorative title cartouche in the baroque style in the lower left quadrant. Prepared by J. N . Bellin for issued as Map no. 25 in vole III of the 1864 issue of Le Petit Atlas Maritime .

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