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1862 Johnson Map of Ontario and Quebec, Canada - Geographicus - QuebecOntario-johnson-1862

This is A. J. Johnson and Ward’s 1862 map of Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Quebec). Divided into two maps. The upper map consists of the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. Features an inset map of the Environs of Montreal. Lower map focuses exclusively on Ontario. Features inset maps of Wolf Island and the Welland Canal. Both maps are color coded by district and detail major roadways, cities, rivers, trains and ferry crossings. Features the strapwork border common to Johnson’s atlas work from 1860 to 1863. Steel plate engraving prepared by A. J. Johnson for publication as page nos. 17-18 in the 1862 edition of his New Illustrated Atlas… This is the first edition of the Johnson’s Atlas to bear the Johnson and Ward imprint.

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