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Plan of the harbour of Toronto with the proposed town and settlement

A planning map for the city of :en:York, Upper Canada|York, Upper Canada (now Toronto). This document was prepared five years before clearing of land and settlement began. The plan was executed by :en:John Graves Simcoe|John Graves Simcoe, who in 1788 was a Major General. The document illustrates the lot system that was to be implemented for ::en:York County, Ontario|York County. Also shown is a potential site for the defense of the harbour, indicated with a red 'A'. "Copied from a plan of Mr. Collins, it does not agree with the survey made by L. Kotte in 1783 (Plan 1.24) Engr. D. R. Kotte's survey agrees with one taken in 1793 by J. Bouchette Chateau. In Lord Dorchester's No. 48 to major Genl. Simcoe. Includes explanation : The lots round the common are called town parks. The lots beyone are farm lots A.A.A. reserved lots for public purposes. A on map refers to situation in Capt. Mann's report of the 6th December 1788, as appearing proper to be occupied for the defence of the entrance of the harbour."

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