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Hudson's Bay's Country (Peter Pond 1785)

The following is the author's description of the photograph quoted directly from the photograph's Flickr page."The immense territory to the northwest of the Methye Portage at the watershed between the Churchill and the Athabaska basins was virtually unknown at the date of this map. Very few traders were working in the Mackenzie Basin, but Peter Pond was the most experienced and had been the first across the Portage. Judging from the evidence available he had not been beyond Lake Athabaska by 1784, but from Indian reports he had amassed a considerable understanding of the more northerly regions. On this map he drew the Mackenzie, Churchill, Saskatchewan, Nelson, and Albany systems, the Manitoba Lakes and the Border Lakes, and showed their interconnections. No previous map, nor any in the next decade, outlines the general hydrographic pattern of western Canada as did this one. Hudson and James Bays are misproportioned, as are the Great Lakes but these are unimportant aspects, for it was the interior network which Pond was emphasizing.(Warkentin and Ruggles. Historical Atlas of Manitoba. map 42, p. 106)-------------------Hudson's Bay's country / by P. Pond, 1785. "This is a copy of an interesting manuscript map which is preserved in the Archives of the Hudson's Bay Company in London and which has the following title: 'Copy of a map, presented to the Congress by Peter Pond, a native of Milford in the state of Connecticut ...'" Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Scale [ca. 1:7,000,000] Image Source: Library of Congress American Memory Project "

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