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Author: United States Coast Survey

1856 U.S. Coast Survey Map of San Francisco Bay and City

A fine example of the 1856 U.S. Coast Survey chart of San Francisco Bay. Covers the Golden Gate area, the Marin Peninsula, San Francisco, Mission de Dolores, and the eastern coastline from Brooks Island to San Antonio Creek. Offers excellent inland detail noting mountain ranges, fields, swamps, and occasionally individual buildings. The early city layout and grid structure of San Francisco is clear. Thousands of depth soundings throughout. Sailing instructions in the lower left quadrant. Tidal notations in the lower right quadrant. In the upper right quadrant there is a sub-sketch of the entrance to San Francisco Bay. The triangulation for this chart was prepared by R. D CUtts. The topography is the work of R. D. Cutts, A. M Harrison and A. F. Rodgers. They Hydrography was accomplished by a party under the command of James Alden. The entire chart was prepared under the supervision of A.D. Bache, one of the most influential cartographers of his time.

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