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Author: Sebastian Münster

1598 London Map by Münster

Translation credit Spore_Frog.

Top: Londen or Lunden/ the capital in Engellandt/ situated on the river Thamesis/ most diligently depicted according to the current situation.

Caption Bottom Left: This city has seven gates: the first is called Ludgat (Ludgate):/ supposed to take its name from the king Ludo who built it: the other is Novvgat (Newgate): that is the penitence gate: the third the Aldersgat (Aldersgate):/ the elder's gate.

Caption Bottom Right: The fourth /Crippelgat (Cripplegate)/ the cripple's gate: the fifth Morgat (Moorgate)/ the moor gate: the sixth/ Bishoppesgat (Bishopsgate)/ the episcopal gate (the author chose to use the adjective rather than the noun here): and the seventh Aldgat (Aldgate)/ the old gate.

Text at the bottom reads: Thames/ on which the capital Londen is situated/ which was called Trinovantum ages ago. Of this one can find it written. Of the capital Londen in Engellandt. Chapter 22 Londen is a very old city (of which even Cornelius Tacitus makes mention in the middle-saxon county) among the cities of the whole of Engellandt the most fertile and healthy/ situated sixty thousand paces from the sea on the water Thamesis/ has in latitude fifty one degrees and thirty minutes/ in longitude eleven degrees and twenty minutes. This city is called in the ancient English language TroiNovant: which means in Latin Troia Nova: that is New Troy: since it was supposedly built with relics of the city of Troy during the age of Brutus/ which is why it was called after the alteration of several letters [illegible] (as several others suppose as well) Trinobantum. Concerning its name/ it is supposed to have received it from a king/ called Ludo: (Translator's note: preserving the original puncutation wasn't quite possible here]) Of which an old city gate is still sufficient testimony, which he built... (Translator's note: I'm freeforming a little here since the sentence is cut off).

Translator's note: I tried to preserve the original punctuation, spellings and syntax as much as possible, in the hopes of conveying to non-German speakers how much different this language is from modern Standard German.

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