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1904 map of the coast of Washington

A 1904 map illustrating defenses at the entrance of Puget Sound in the US state of Washington. Some of the labels are a little obscure (confirmed in the associated newspaper article): * Straits of Juan de Fuca * Admiralty Inlet * Fort Worden * Point Wilson (east of Worden) * City of Port Townsend (south of Worden) * Fort Flagler * Marrowstone Point (north of Flagler) * Port Townsend Harbor (between Worden and Flagler) * [????] Harbor (probably "Long Harbor", an old name for Kilisut Harbor; west of Flagler) * Irondale * Hadlock * Fort Casey * Admiralty Head (south of Casey) * arrow in Straits of Juan de Fuca labeled "To the Pacific Ocean" * arrow in Admiralty Inlet labeled "To Seattle, Tacoma" [and probably] "Navy Yard"

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