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Author: Reginald Lane Poole

Italy 1454 after the Peace of Lodi

"Italy 1454 after the Peace of Lodi", Plate 68 from Reginald Lane Poole's Historical Atlas of Modern Europe. Inset maps of the "Central States of the Church after the Papal restoration c. 1430" to the top right and the "Growth of the Florentine State in the 14th & 15th Centuries" to the bottom left. Additional information on the Florentine map: In this map the boundaries of the Tuscan states in 1300 are distinguished by scarlet borders. The Florentine State in 1300 is colored pink. Additions to it made before 1377 are in brown, but such of these as were lost before 1377 have only a brown border. Later additions made before 1433 are colored yellow; further additions made before 1494, green. Territory "raccomodato" to Florence but never under complete subjection is colored violet, while territory "raccomodato" to Florence and lost again before 1500 has only a violet border.

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