maps with highest scores (out of 53,774)

Map Title Uploaded by Score Source
1. If Did Not Vote was a candidate in 2016, it would have won by a landslide Taillesskangaru 100 reddit
2. Ortelius World Map (1570) Hello world 100 Wikipedia
3. British Empire in 1897 Nickshanks 100 Wikipedia
4. US Secession Map 1865 Howcheng 100 Wikipedia
5. 1450 Map of the World by Venetian monk Fra Mauro. The map depicts Asia, Africa and Europe AJgloe 100 reddit
6. 1853 Japanese World Map AJgloe 100 reddit
7. xkcd's State Word Map YUNoDie 100 reddit
8. You Can Literally See the Path of Totality on Google Maps Traffic Pope_Bedodict1 100 reddit
9. Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803) AJgloe 99 reddit
10. Moral And Political Chart Of The World [1827] AJgloe 99 reddit
11. Where I work, we let customers pin their hometown on this map. i_leik_bikes 98 reddit
12. A map of nations when asked the question "Which country is the largest threat to world peace?", in 2013 loulan 98 reddit
13. Map of the world without water, 1694 AJgloe 98 reddit
14. Exaggerated relief map of Great Britain and Ireland AJgloe 98 reddit
15. What Pangaea would look like with modern-day international borders ganggxnggvng 98 reddit
16. Plan of the City of New York, c1776 cp1101 98 reddit
17. Biodiversity in contiguous United States AJgloe 98 reddit
18. A face made from African Heads of State Speech500 97 reddit
19. Exaggerated relief map of Chukotka, Alaska and the Bering Strait AJgloe 97 reddit
20. World map showing the two blocs during the Cold War in 1959 Sémhur 97 Wikipedia
21. Japan and Korea at night AJgloe 97 reddit
22. 1947 Map of the World showing the work of Man and the Treasures and Commodities of the Earth AJgloe 97 reddit
23. "The Map that changed the world"(1815) - William Smith. First geological map of a country. MasterTaersker 97 reddit
24. Countries and states that look like other countries and states AJgloe 97 reddit
25. 1856 ethnographic map of Great Britain and Ireland AJgloe 97 reddit
26. I found an old atlas at my grandaunts house. The South Pole is still "unerforscht", which means unexplored. Andrees Handatlas, 1914. BrillLyle 96 reddit
27. 1855 Ethnographic Map of the Austrian Empire AJgloe 96 reddit
28. All The Land in the Solar System Seweryn_Szeliga 96 reddit
29. XKCD on the design of US state borders Petrarch1603 96 reddit
30. The United States and Canada at the same latitudes as Europe UltraWorlds 95 reddit
31. The Biggest Non-Government Employer in Each State sendherhome22 95 reddit
32. The Map That Changed The World. William Smith’s 1815 Geological Map of England and Wales AJgloe 95 reddit
33. Japanese Pictorial World Map (1932) AJgloe 95 reddit
34. The Mediterranean Sea of America GappyJostar 95 reddit
35. 1862 Japanese Map of Australia AJgloe 95 reddit
36. 1811 - The World during the Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte (published 1830) AJgloe 95 reddit
37. Map of the Kingdom of Prussia, 1799 AJgloe 95 reddit
38. Drive time to the centerline of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse Max_W_ 94 reddit
39. 1920 Australian government map of vegetation, used in schools frenzy3 94 reddit
40. Map showing in five degrees of density the distribution of woodland within the territory of the United States (1873) AJgloe 94 reddit
41. "Comparative Heights of Mountains" FennelSoup 94 reddit
42. The iceberg that split from Antarctic in July 2017 compared to London, Hawaii and Cyprus VisWhiz 94 reddit
43. Main ethnic [language] groups in Europe (1899) AJgloe 94 reddit
44. Full virtual reconstruction of Imperial Rome wildeastmofo 94 reddit
45. 1561 map of the world AJgloe 94 reddit
46. 1928 Soviet Union pictorial zoogeographic map AJgloe 94 reddit
47. Canada Mapped by Roads, Streets, Highways and Trails AJgloe 94 reddit
48. US State Highway Marker Shields glikithvinayaka 93 reddit
49. Nobody Lives Here: A map of census blocks with zero population by Nik Freeman Petrarch1603 93 reddit
50. 1857 map of the United States, Mexico, Central America and northern South America AJgloe 93 reddit
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